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How to Slay Your Self-Doubt:

Learn the tools to overcome Imposter Syndrome and build your self-belief


I know why you feel afraid. I know you often feel unsafe, unseen and not at all special.

It’s because you doubt yourself.

It’s because you doubt yourself.

You doubt your abilities, your skills, and whether you really are seen, safe or special.

But I believe. I believe in you and your potential. And I believe that your self-doubt can be overcome because

I know how to do it.

For 20 years it was my job to overcome doubts in the courtroom.

So I learned the tools to overcome doubts.

I’ve used these tools on my own self-doubts and slayed them one by one.

My clients have used these tools and done the same.

It’s your turn.

On Sept 28th at 4pm ET I’m sharing these tools in a live Masterclass of

How to Slay Your Self-Doubt

You’ll learn the tools to overcome your doubts
and stop Imposter Syndrome from taking a toll on your future.

  • You are seen, safe and special.

  • Your self-doubt is just clouding your vision.

Let’s fix that-together.

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The training take place inside a zoom room where the recording will also be held for all registered attendees.


Heather Hansen


MEET Heather Hansen

She a keynote speaker and best-selling author of The Elegant Warrior-How to Win Life’s Trials Without Losing Yourself. She combines her experience as a trial attorney with her psychology degree, her mediation training. and her time as a TV anchor to help her clients overcome doubts, build belief and advocate for their ideas, products and services.

She has appeared on The Today Show, CNN, Fox News Channel, MSNBC, Fox Business, News Nation and CBS. She’s given a TEDx on Perspective and Empathy, and she’s spoken for Harvard Business School, Stanford, Google, LVMH, Sav A Tree, and the American Medical Association among others.

Her most recent book is Advocate to Win-10 Tools to Ask for What You Want and Get It.

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